By Annabelle Lee

Former Master’s student Siti Noor Aishah Atam has been re-arrested under the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 (Sosma) and is currently detained at the Kajang Prison.

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The arrest and action came yesterday, after she appeared in the High Court in Kuala Lumpur. This was for the appeal by the deputy public prosecutor against the decision of the High Court in acquitting her in September last year for the possession of 12 books.

Siti Noor Aishah was previously detained under the Prevention of Crime Act 1956 (Poca) as well as Sosma.

“In my view she was detained over and over again, before she was even found guilty of any offence. It is like punishment before conviction. That is the extent of (using) Sosma and Poca together,” her lawyer Mohd Kamarulzaman A Wahab told Malaysiakini today.

Siti Noor Aishah, 29 (photo), was first arrested in March last year, under Section 130JB of the Penal Code and Sosma, for the possession of 12 books allegedly related to terrorist groups.

The following month, she was charged in the High Court in Kuala Lumpur and pleaded not guilty to the possession of the books, after which the case proceeded to trial.

Siti Noor Aishah, a former Universiti Malaya Master’s in Usuluddin (Islamic Studies) student, said she was using the books for her Master’s degree research.

After her arrest in March last year, Universiti Malaya dismissed her, for failing to attend classes.

Kamarulzaman added that none of the books were banned by the Home Ministry, not even now.

In September last year, the High Court acquitted and released Siti Noor Aishah of all charges after no prima facie case was established against her.

On the same day she was acquitted, Siti Noor Aishah was re-arrested under Poca and detained for 60 days.

Upon her release under Poca, she was put under house arrest, with an electronic monitoring device attached to her. She was also not allowed to travel out of her district of Sura in Dungun, Terengganu, without police approval.

“The case was sent back to the High Court for her to enter her defence, but she was detained again. The case is back to its status quo, with no bail allowed pending trial,” Kamarulzaman said about the arrest yesterday.